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Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choirs fifth CD was born out of repeated requests from audience members for a recording of Sarah Hopkins’ amazing work, Past Life Melodies. Clearly it was time for us to get back in to the studio again – it had been almost nine years since our last recording and so much had happened for the choir since. Yet it was a challenge to decide how to build and album around a piece as unique as Past Life Melodies, a piece which we traditionally perform part of with our eyes closed to add to the meditative effect.

Fortunately the radio station ABC Classic FM provided welcome inspiration in the form of the ‘Swoon’ segment, a regular part of their breakfast programming and the subsequent CD series. We decided to produce our own tribute to this wonderful idea of music so beautiful it makes you woozy.

Smooch includes 8 of SGLC’s most beautiful melodies, titled (with tongues firmly in cheek).



  1. Moon River
  2. Not While I’m Around
  3. Deep Pease
  4. ‘Sextet’ from Lucia di Lammermoor
  5. May It Be
  6. Fernando
  7. Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)
  8. Past Life Melodies

Recorded at Trackdown Studios, Sydney, Australia 2008. Recorded and mixed by Craig Beckitt, assisted by James Ezra. Produced by Sarah Penicka.

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