Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

AGM instructions

This page outlines the electronic participation for the Annual General Meeting of the Choir for 2020. See the official notice of the meeting delivered by email for full details about the meeting and procedures.

  • Nominate candidates
  • Attend the meeting
  • Vote on motions
  • Vote for candidates
  • Assign a proxy
  • Vote a held proxy

How to nominate candidates for office

Use this online form to nominate a candiate for office. See the position descriptions on HarmonySite here (you must be logged in to HarmonySite).

How to attend the meeting

You will receive a link to a Zoom meeting. Click the link between 6:30 and 7pm on 12th November 2020.

Each member attending the meeting must join with their own device. If physically present with other members, headphones are recommended to eliminate audio feedback. Ensure your Zoom software lists your own name, not a device name or another person’s name.

How to vote on motions

In the Zoom software, once the meeting has begun, open the participants list. Notice the yes (green tick) and no (red X) buttons. This is how you will vote on motions.

How to vote for candidates

During the meeting (approximately 7:15pm) attendance list will be finalised and all those present (and only those present) will receive individual links for anonimised voting via SurveyMonkey.

How to assign a proxy to vote for you

Use this online form to assign someone else to vote for you. They must be a member of the choir; the form must be submitted before xxx; and they must be present at the AGM on time.

How to vote when you hold a proxy for someone else

For each motion there will be a vote of the people present in the meeting followed by a separate vote of the held proxies (if needed.)

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