Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Our Time: A Journey Through the Music & Lyrics of Stephen Sondheim / Lendlease Darling Quarter Theatre, Sydney / 21 October 2017

Music theatre provides a vivid expression of people’s deepest emotions. Through Sondheim’s musical and lyrical genius, performers and audience alike are able to experience journeys that echo their own lives. ‘Our Time’ revealed everyday epiphanies, personal victories and a sprinkling of the magic that makes it worth being alive. 2017 has been a significant one for the LGBTQI community, and in spite of the challenges we’ve faced, we’re keen to celebrate: and what better way to celebrate than in four-part harmony? Our audience joined us on a musical journey: a celebration of love, of triumph over adversity, punctuated by heartfelt vignettes from the lives
of the members of Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir.

Photos by Thiago Mattua /

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