Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Dreams and Visions from our ‘Tchaikovsky: The Lonely Heart’ Concert

In 2012, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir delved into the life, loves, music and legacy of one of the world’s greatest ever composers, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. For this stunning concert, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir was joined by a string quartet, soprano Julia Wee and baritone Paul Smith to perform some of Tchaikovsky’s most emotionally charged choral and chamber works. This video doesn’t feature a Tchaikovsky piece, but rather an excerpt from ‘Dreams and Visions’, commissioned to celebrate our 20th anniversary from renowned Australian composer John Peterson.

“Dreams and Visions” by composer John Peterson
Movement 3B: A Litany in a Time of Plague (starts at 00:00)
Movement 3C: Let Me Rest/Lux Aeterna (starts at 06:12)

Accompanist: Gareth Chan
Baritone: Paul Smith
Mezzo Soprano: Julie Wee
Conductor/Music Director: Dr Sarah Penicka-Smith

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