Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

‘Marry Me’ for Marriage Equality in Australia

We have good news! Better buy new shoes! Yes, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir has officially released “Marry Me/Right Now Baby”, as part of our call to vote “yes” on the upcoming marriage equality postal survey.

The song, written by Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Chorus founder Lawrence McGuire, is our positive contribution to what, sadly, has at times been an ugly “debate” on marriage equality in the lead-up to the survey. Choir members were keen to lend their voices to what our President Neil Hendry describes as “a great tune with heavenly harmonies!”

Says Neil: “While the postal survey on marriage equality is offensive, unnecessary and a waste of money, it’s nevertheless very important that we participate and vote ‘yes’ in big numbers.

“More than that, we all deserve the right to marry. The choir has been singing love songs for more than 25 years so it’s about time that same-sex couples can start singing at their own weddings and celebrate their love with a legally recognised marriage ceremony.”

We hope you enjoy “Marry Me/Right Now Baby” as much as we enjoyed singing and recording it! Stay tuned as we’ll be releasing details of how you can buy your own copy on iTunes and Google Play soon.

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